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That's the blessing

- and the curse -

of our expanding technical universe.

Our clients realize that fact.

They know their sales message

must break through all that media clutter

- and it better break through fast!

That is why they recommend us!

We’re The 7-Second Specialists.

Advertising That


Catches The Eye!

See Why Our



Is Second To None!

"Adville came up with the theme
that not only caught our eye…

But the eyes of clients

and potential clients as well.

They were able to capture the magnitude

of our business

without us coming off

as arrogant or self-satisfied.


Did I mention they are 

wonderful to work with!"

-Adam Taylor, President,
APM Music
"You are very funny,
very instinctive ad guys…

And you always have a different slant

on solving any client's problem.

The key is that you understand the crucial link

between humor and information,

so that the message always remains

fresh and memorable."

-Stan Becker,
Chief Creative Officer (Retired), Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising
"It was a stroke of laser-like genius!

Their elegant solution involved

only a minor investment in materials,

but resulted in what has turned out to be

a permanent increase

in sales revenue

of more than 30 percent above

what I had been used to.


I wish I had hired AdVille years ago!"

-Chuck Mellon,
Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Expert
"In my business,
we're not just talking hammers and nails.

We're talking about the roof over a family's head!

I need people to understand my philosophy.


You communicated my point-of-view


with the direct mail marketing campaign

you came up with

for my company."

-Jeff Nott,
Nott & Associates
“The website you created for me continues to deliver big time.

Your advertising team produced a




web presence

that leaves a strong impression

on visitors.


You took my many complex achievements

and then beautifully organized them,

making my site especially appealing

to doctors, other medical professionals,

as well as the media.


You smart input and direction

on PR & promotion

has been immensely valuable

to the success

of my business.


I highly recommend anyone

who wants an intelligent approach

to go with your ad agency.


You've delivered proven results for me

over and over

many times! ”

Arnold Mann
Medical Author
"The people at AdVille
are some of the most creative sorts
I have ever worked with.

Not only was their advertising funny and clever, it was also hard-hitting and to-the-point. Bravo!"

-Ron Davis,
Global Business Centers, Beverly Hills, CA.
"Of all the possibilities
for ad development,
we chose Adville.

The four panel ad layouts beautifully reflect the charm, design

and green intent

of our Venice Beach Eco Cottages project."

-Karel J. Samson,
Venice Beach Eco Cottages
"The ads looked like something you'd see…

In a fine wine magazine,

but then they had a real twist to them.

In any event, we both appreciated your ad campaign,

and so did our visitors.

It was definitely cutting-edge."

-John and Carmel Whitman,
Old Creek Ranch Winery
"AdVille is just about the funniest agency…

I've ever worked with.

But the great response they get

from clients and customers

is certainly no joke!"

-Erica Ress Martin,
Executive Marketing Strategist
(Married to the retired
CEO of Proctor & Gamble)
"AdVille was a crucial part of the team shaping…

Our project from the start

and always keeping our goals in mind.


Their experience proved to be invaluable

and all of their talents

were generously contributed

towards making our promotion a success

that was featured

even in major industry magazines.


Plus David of Adville Advertising came up

with the Branding Slogan

"Reality Amplified"

which in 2 words states exactly what I do!"

-Dave Moser,
Dave Moser Photography
"Adville supplied the BEST answer…

We've ever received from any marketing organization.

As a result of their efforts,

two of our products,

Professional Speaking for the Clueless

and Self-Publishing for the Clueless

have been adopted by

Toastmasters International


added to their international catalog

for distribution through

11,000 Toastmasters Clubs

throughout the world.

So it's no wonder that we recommend Adville

- their campaign is making us money!"

-Mike Rounds,
Rounds, Miller and Associates
“Your work on the Honda Promotion…

Was clever and on-target

– the concept was just what was needed

for totally appealing to our audience.

You and your great team at Adville

are definitely my go-to guys

when we need to get projects


-Ramona Cox,
Sky Chick Adventures
"The Adville team was so wonderful
to work with…

They really understood

what we needed to increase

the type of traffic we wanted to our site.

Suffice to say,

their approach was gorgeous!"

-Paulette Cooper,
The South Florida Traveler
"Your company is wonderfully interesting
lots of fun.

Your clever approach is VERY smart.

And REALLY appealing!"

-Patrica Fripp,
Past President,
National Speakers Association of America
"I didn't think it could be done…

But they took the uncomfortable subject

of Long Term Care Insurance

and made it something witty and irresistible.


I've used their creative in different media,

as well as in sales materials,

and their approach always gets

a big chuckle from my clients.


More importantly,

it gets me a check from them!"

-Philip Reinstein,
Capital Dynamics
Insurance Specialists
"Totally out-of-the-box thinking.
I love the creativity!"

Brings to light dilemmas and problems occurring in the work place.

-Jacob Blass,
Ethical Advocates
"The company is truly fantastic!

A dynamically efficient




with a strategic sense of humor."

-Deborah Glusker, Realtor
Crosby Doe Associates
Abbott Kinney Real Estate
BHGLAAR Professional Standards Committee, BHGLAAR Board of Directors 2010-2013
"Your guidance and advice
catapulted me
to the land
of successful writers.

Through your help,

I was able to write a proposal

that commanded the attention

of many agents.

Your wit and inspiration

enabled me to develop

and express

my own personal writing style.


I couldn't have done it without you."

-Dr. Debra Mandel,
Healing The Sensitive Heart
"Without a doubt, your creative efforts…

On the advertising and PR fronts -

enhanced our visibility

in the marketplace.


The coordination of all

the sales and marketing materials

was first rate.


I've also got to say

the perfect images

you selected

were hysterical and memorable.

We're in the call center business,

but you got

OUR phones to ring!"

-John Clayman,
Secure Call Management
"Very cool company
and very cool people!”

Their ads are spot on 

and give new light

in helping my clients

-Julie Ferman,
Julie Ferman Matchmaking
"Through the years I have seen many clever advertising concepts.

Yet I can't think of any agency as effective as Adville in producing witty strategies, or who have such an electric effect on getting their client’s customers to spend."

-Jay Levin,
Founder of The L.A. Weekly
"Our new website is creating a TON of BUZZ...

The team at AdVille designed a

beautiful website for us

and the results have been terrific.

We're receiving lots of compliments on it.

Our new website not only looks beautiful,

but really tells the story

of our decorative throw pillows.

The site helps us

sell our accent pillows more effectively.

Also, they have been running impactful

marketing campaigns


direct mail campaigns for us.

We've been getting

outstanding results!

Adville has strategically driven

lots more people

to visit us

and is


converting visitors

into customers!"

Thank you.
Cooké T. Samson
"Love your creative style
and the way you present it.
Sharp and bold!”
-Susie Vanderlip,
Legacy of Hope
“The brochure
they created for us
captured the spirit
of our cage-free facility.

You and your team

were very easy

to work with. 


We greatly appreciate the time

you spent getting to know

our business.

The brochure you created for us

completely shows

why we’re really different 

than other pet-boarding businesses.”

- Chris & Brian,
Paradise Ranch Pet Resort
"Your agency is terrific.
Innovative, and
completely eye-stopping work!”
-Abigail Lewis,
Whole Life Times
"There is no company
  quite like Adville.”

They think unlike anyone you have ever met.


Their wit, insight and unique ability

to create a catchy, witty,

contagious tag line

separates them from the pack.

Out of the box 


pushing the envelope 

doesn't begin to describe their creative process.”

-Lloyd A. Silverman,
Coldwell Banker Global Luxury
Executive Producer,
Academy Award Nominated
"One of the funniest,
most versatile agencies around.

AdVille has a knack

for taking tough material


making it workable

as PR

or a promotion."

-Michaela Hamilton, Executive Editor,
Penguin Books
"I love you guys!
REAL people
- how rare is that!"
-Laura Slutsky,
PeopleFinders Productions
"Finding the humor in business
gets people to stop…

Pay attention, stop worrying and take action.


Adville has figured out

how to touch this hot button


get the action started."

-Nancy Miller,
Certified Speaking Professional
"The Best!
Their rather unique approach is definitely consistent
with tons of creativity.”
-Thomas Safran,
Thomas Safran and Associates
"Over the years,
I've referred dozens of... 

Photographers, plus illustrators, commercial directors

and production houses

to Adville's creative team.

Without exception,

they all praised the promotional results,

and that in turn

made us look really good."

-Ian Summers,
"Thanks for all your services
your insightful professional advice.

I absolutely LOVE your agency!

And I will absolutely recommend you

at every opportunity I see!"

-Debbie Robins, Huffington Post
"Your company is young, hip…

and always on key.

Your awesome humor and bold ads

strike a chord

with a very large audience! 

That's just great."

-Ray Leslee,
Award Winning Composer,
Honored at Lincoln Center
"I love your humor!
Your advertising and marketing
definitely stands out
over the
plain, dull, and regular advertising.”
-Claudia Sloan,
Tallfellow Press
"AdVille puts together 
impressive creative teams.

They deliver the concepts that make for sales, and that works for me!"

-Frank Weimann,
Senior VP
Director of Operations
Folio Literary Management
"You've really punched up our direct mail marketing…

with moving motivational posters,

engaging ads,

plus our video to clients.


What's more,

I really appreciate the upbeat

and innovative presentation

you made to our center managers

and sales representatives in Las Vegas.


The ideas you offered really clicked with them and the feedback was great.”

-Paul Ziter,
Great Expectations
"Consulting with you was extremely valuable...

Your professional input


insider knowledge

of the publishing industry

truly accelerated

my book

becoming a reality

and getting published.


I can't thank you enough

for all your time

assisting me on this project.


You made the entire process a pleasure.


Thanks for your patience and support!"

-Dr. Suzanne Lopez,
Therapist and
Get Smart With Your Heart
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